We lost:-((

Much unexpected STOP (Canal Digital and Viaspratt) won the case against me in the market court in Stockholm.
You can read the verdict here (only in Swedish)

This is a big stroke against the freedom of speech and proves that
Canal Digital and Viaspratt rather take the cowardly way out in court then use there encryption system in an intelligent way.
It also shows that the court system in Sweden doesn't dare to  go against a big internatinal company, and to take 17 weeks to come to a decsision!!!!!!!!!!!

The outcome says that I have to pay a huge amont of money if I continue developing or spreading codes and keys and to pay the trial costs.

In practice this means that all development on Nordic will be stopped. there will never be any codes, links or sat-hack related proggys on my page and I cant help you with sat related questions:-(

Unfortunately was there claim for trial costs high and although I have got a big support from you already I ask you all out there if you could help me a bit to get out of this mess. I have to pay an additional 97 000 SEK about 8500£!
If someone would like to help I accept any donations, preferably on Swedish postal account (Postal Giro)
926 25 77-1 (Peter Jonasson)

In UK you can use Barclays Bank, the Account is called "The Peter Johansson Fund" and its account number is 60500941 and the sort code is 20-44-51
Thanx a lot to Tony Hiscox and Maverick!!!!

A lot of thanks for your support


The following is what has happend before.

So, now almost 5 weeks have gone since the trial and still no verdict. 2-3 weeks was in fact a guess from me since I think it usually takes about that much time. The court only said that the verdict should come later but I didn't expect it to take so long. Maybe they can't decide??

The trial is now finished and the live report that was made during the trial can be read here, only in Swedish, sorry mates:-( . The result will be released by the court in 2-3 weeks, lets hope it's a good one!

Some pictures from the trial!

I, my lawyer (Annika Landfors) and STOP:s (Thomas Carlén-Wendels) outside the market court, Nice chap even though he works on the wrong side:-) Matte is preparing the live text transmission and heating up the lap-top!

The court trial will be live reported (if the tech stuff works all the way) here, only in Swedish, sorry mates:-( but still. And yes, we have permission from the market court to do it:-)

Court date is now set to 16/5 and the time will be 12:30 at the market court in Stockholm, Sweden. The address is Birger Jarls Torg 9, Riddarholmen, Stockholm, Sweden.

First of all, thanks a lot!!! all of you that has followed the call from www.mattesd2mac.nu , there has been a lot of contributions, small and big (from 50 to 1500!!! SEK) I promise you that every cent will go to my lawyer (it is sent directly there if you have used the postal account stated). All the money is very much appreciated and will give me the possibility to let my lawyer work in a more free way and make the best of the situation, I can't thank you in person since I don't get any printouts from the transfers as they goes directly to my lawyer:-( I know there has been a huge support already since I have (of course) asked them. 

So, well what's the full story and why send me money and where are the keys???
It all started in October -99 with a court order from STOP (Canal+ & Viaspratt), they claim that I am earning money from releasing the keys and connect the keys with the ad-s on my site:-))) They have sued me in the market court in Stockholm together with 7 others (all companies, I'm the only private person:-(  ) The situation right now is that much of the paper work is done and I am waiting for a court date. I am convinced that they have a VERY loose case and that I will win but without your support it can't be done!! It doesn't have to be with support-money, good advises are very much thankful as well!!  
As long as the court process is going on there will be no keys on the page, what will happen after a win/loose.... well.... let's see!

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