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150414 UTC-time on the time server shell time.billeberga.com
131212 Felix left me Cat page
130107 Average & temperature plotting for 2010-2012 Average
121129 Ghostwindow in webcam fixed, cam support for smartphones Webcam
110818 Server uptime-log Server uptime-log (in swedish)
100724 Server uptime Index page , time.billeberga.com
100104 Temperature-average for 2009 Average
090502 Pool-cam removed Webcam
090306 Massage cat Videos
090102 Temperature-average for 2008 Average
080621 Privacy is dead in Sweden, all communication will be recorded by FRA FRA
080615 Mini-temperatur curves on the webcam-page Webcam
080601 Amsterdam-cat Cat-a-scope
080305 Timeserver on billeberga.com time.billeberga.com
080212 BosseBus & Baloo Cat-a-scope
070914 Feliz Cat-a-scope
070828 Nora Cat-a-scope
070525 Genomsnittlig årstemperatur Average
070415 The Jumping Cat Cat-a-scope
070321 Kitten cannon Software page
070216 Temperature-curves for 2004 - 2006 2004 - 2006 , 2006
070209 Mio Cat-a-scope
061230 Monster and Katt Cat-a-scope
061113 More of Mad Lion King Cat-a-scope
061113 The Slave Cat-a-scope
061111 Mad Lion King Cat-a-scope
061101 Lemme Cat-a-scope
060813 Sunrise and sunset calculated for Billeberga. (Only in Swedish) Weatherpage
060621 Water-temperature included on webcampage Webcam
060611 Siv on her way out Cat-a-scope
060403 More of Mimmi Cat-a-scope
060322 Talking cats Videos
060315 More funny cats Videos
060311 Cinnamon Cat-a-scope
060224 Sushi and Scampi Cat-a-scope
060216 Tenerife cats Cat-a-scope
060116 K8N SLI Cat-a-scope
060104 Temperature-curves for 2004 - 2005 2004 - 2005
051002 Nordenradio norwegian webradio Links
050914 Poll Index page
050829 Server-room Server-room
050828 The story of the IR-cam IR-cam
050826 IR-cam in Felix hideaway (Cam2) Webcam
050821 Husan (The maid) Cat-a-scope
050816 Well-trained cat Videos
050801 Caboodle Cat-a-scope
050801 Weekend Cat-a-scope
050726 New link: alleycatphotos.com Links
050725 New links: Amazing cats and selfdestruct.net Links
050604 Karatesumo Videos
050506 Shame Factory (in Swedish) Links
050330 I got the mouse! Cat-a-scope
050330 Simson Cat-a-scope
050329 Lucas Cat-a-scope
050202 Previous years charts on the Wheaterpage (in Swedish) Weatherpage
050104 The art of building a pool? Poolpage
041209 Catdiver Cat-a-scope
041121 Lazy cats Cat-a-scope
041113 Siv Cat-a-scope
040816 Billeberga on WAP (Use your cellphone!) wap.billeberga.com
040607 More pics on Tuss, Pyret & Trassel Cat-a-scope
040519 More fun cats Cat-a-scope
040407 KA-s evil brother Videos
040401 Key 21 Key 21
040329 LP-cat Cat-a-scope
040317 Felix hideaway Cat-a-scope
040205 Wheaterpage (in Swedish) Weatherpage
040109 Tuss and more on Trasel & Pyret Cat-a-scope
040105 Trasel and Pyret Cat-a-scope
031215 And there's the neighbours fuc__ng german shepard! Cat-a-scope
031206 Merry X-mas Cat-a-scope
031106 Check how fu__ng cold here is (top left corner) Index page
031030 Belsebub Cat-a-scope
030913 Check out if Smulan or Felix is in the garden Webcam
030822 Mikutis Cat-a-scope
030715 Benji & Nefe Cat-a-scope
030706 A higly un-scientific investigation! Investigation
030628 Very irritating counter added Index page
030617 Goal!! (video) Videos
030616 Funny cats (video) Videos
030514 Warm pussy Cat-a-scope
030511 Felicia Cat-a-scope
030509 More funny cats! Cat-a-scope
030507 The cat that saw you naked! Cat-a-scope
030121 Pyret & Vivi Cat-a-scope
030121 My, Mimmi & Mia Cat-a-scope
030121 Trisse & Junior Cat-a-scope
021115 Fun cats! 23 new pics! Cat-a-scope
021115 Modema. chip, och HP Cat-a-scope
020805 The Mullsjo-cat Cat-a-scope
020524 Franz & + (plus) Cat-a-scope
020524 Al Bundys cat?? (Bier-cat) Cat-a-scope
020502 Felix Screensaver Software page
020420 Gabriukas Cat-a-scope
020420 Assorted Cats Cat-a-scope
020221 Chips Cat-a-scope
020216 Oreo & Windy Cat-a-scope
020129 Phoebe Cat-a-scope
011229 Frasse Cat-a-scope
011127 Grumph & Pezt Cat-a-scope
011127 Ville & Rontti Cat-a-scope
011029 Bumpy Cat-a-scope
011004 Jelena Cat-a-scope
010930 Gremlin Cat-a-scope
010930 Mimmi Cat-a-scope
010920 Felix. Check out the TV-pic!!! Cat-a-scope
010621 How to give a cat a pill. This one is good!! Catproggys   Direct
010520 Aslan Cat-a-scope
010514 Stripi Cat-a-scope
010505 Tiki, Clyde & Pumpkin Cat-a-scope
010502 More pics of Elin Cat-a-scope
010315 Merlin & Beaureguard Cat-a-scope
010303 Merlin & Katie Cat-a-scope
010102 New PGP-key for me if you are using PGP pubkey.asc, Index sidan
001212 Drutten Cat-a-scope
001128 Wilson & the Kitten??? Cat-a-scope
001124 Fülöp the One Cat-a-scope
001119 Ingrid Kristina Pussi von Dutt with kittens! Cat-a-scope
001115 Rufsan Cat-a-scope
001114 Murphy Cat-a-scope
001110 Catdiscussions alt.cats
000923 English "begging account" Why
000922 Misse & Sotis Cat-a-scope
000916 Billan Cat-a-scope
000915 The Verdict (Only in Swedish) The Verdict
000913 We lost Why
000906 Fler bilder på Mimmi Cat-a-scope
000902 Puma Cat-a-scope
000802 Turbo Cat-a-scope
000728 Natassa & Lizette Cat-a-scope
000722 Muru, Miiru & Missi Cat-a-scope
000719 Tusse, Keso & Trulsan Cat-a-scope
000717 Pumba a strange cat! Cat-a-scope
000703 Oskar Cat-a-scope
000630 Pelle Cat-a-scope
000617 Can't they decide?? Why
000617 Rambo Cat-a-scope
000609 Finger Cat-a-scope
000601 Movitz Cat-a-scope
000529 Zeus Cat-a-scope
000520 Fritz Cat-a-scope
000516 Trial is done Why
000514 Nuttis Cat-a-scope
000510 Live referat Why
000428 Court date is set! Why
000427 Rufus & Oggy Cat-a-scope
000410 Sylvester & Findus Cat-a-scope
000314 Gustavia Cat-a-scope
000309 Hampus & Nisse Cat-a-scope
000229 Pysen Cat-a-scope
000223 Brasan, Bamse & Misse and more pics of Miki Cat-a-scope
000206 Knasen and Lisa Cat-a-scope
000131 The complete Topcat Cat-a-scope
000131 Gizzmo, Miki and Elvis Cat-a-scope
000126 Catscans and Oliver Cat-a-scope
000117 Tasse, Catwoman and Pyret Cat-a-scope
000112 One more on Liza (or Cuba?), Lillen&Svartis and Kiku Cat-a-scope
000103 Liza Cat-a-scope
991231 Lodis Cat-a-scope
991225 Misha & Minauex Cat-a-scope
991221 Simba Cat-a-scope
991220 Elin, Blixten, Sneakers, ?, Kisse, Mimmi and more on Totzie&Iris Cat-a-scope
991217 More Cat's! (Sjur and Elin) Cat-a-scope
991210 Totzie Cat-a-scope
991208 Leo Cat-a-scope
991124 Rolle on the roof and a new pic on Herman Cat-a-scope
991116 Lukas&Pelle Cat-a-scope
991115 Linus Cat-a-scope
991114 Nisse Cat-a-scope
991113 Tasse, Nutte, Maja, Grålle, Tusse and more pics of Pepsi Cat-a-scope
991103 Ronja Cat-a-scope
Frille, Devil, Sissie
991027Home AloneCat-a-scope
991026Spike and more catsSoftware pageCat-a-scope
991021More cats!Cat-a-scope
991019NekoSoftware page
991016Kamikazecat and more catsSoftware pageCat-a-scope
991014Stina, Mimmi, Oscar, Beauty and a Land RoverCat-a-scope
991013More pics of Liten and Henna and other new!Cat-a-scope
991010New software page and more cats!Software pageCat-a-scope
991008More cats!!!Cat-a-scope
991005Simon, Slarver and LinusCat-a-scope
991005Svarten and BrasigneCat-a-scope
991004Lilleman, Whiskey and PrillanCat-a-scope
991004Cat-a-scope started. Display your cat for freeCat-a-scope
991002Starting fresh again, I will try to explane everything in time!!Index page
990925Keyfile for 3.14 and Nordic 4.00 updated with C+!Pic card page
990901Release of Nordic 4.00 (former3.15), still a bit beta like:-(!Pic card page
990831Progress report on 3.153.15? page
990803New MM converter, handels 3DES and the coming format for the next Nordic!Software page
990719New backup mirror!http://www.ptp.se/billeberga/index.html
990629Nordic 3.14-substitute updated with TV1000 & TV3Pic card page
990629MMII patch updated, all the nordic channelsPic card page
990528Two new keys for TV1000!Index page
990423#d2Mac HomepageLink page
990329The Pegasus siteSoftware page
990303Changed the text a bit on the Pic card page Pic card page
990212MMII patch as substitute for 3.14 EC-M while waiting for 3.15Pic card page
990127Fixed a bug in 3.14.exe that made it not working on Tandberg!Pic card page
990120Nordic 3.14 working on Tandberg and channel loss on Nokia fixed (I hope)Pic kort sidan
990118Sathack.cx Link page
981230The home of Satcodes Link page
981213Hack for Irdeto Digital!!The Digital page
981021Files from Nordic 2.40, consider this as a beta still!Pic card page
981009Kristiansens Sat SiteLink page
981008Danish Sat SiteLink page
980913JNs d2Mac siteLink page
980818Daves D2MAC Codes PageLink page
980816Files from Nordic is updated (at last)Pic card page
980801MTV has movedBanner
980713Shaolin in controlLink page
980713SatInfo Danish satsiteLink page
980713WWW.PUT.DK Danish satsiteLink page
980603The Ultimate Sat SiteLink page
980530The Eurocrypt protocol!!Sat page
980527Machiavelli - SatHack pageLink page
980503Some stuff from the Kiel tripWhat happend on....
980501New Multimac converter!Sat page
980318Nordic 2.39 bugfix for 2.38 (DR2)Pic card page
980221Nordic 3.11 Bugfix for ini-filePic card page
980203The EC-S key for CTVMmkeys page
980203Files from Nordic twins now as 16C84 as well!Pic card page
980128Memory full on Triax? Don't let your sat dealer robb you!Sat page
980127Frequently asked questionsFaq page
971212AD-teknikLink page
971124Felix fixes dinner!Cat page
971123Multimac 2.14 patch, updated with the new C+ keyPic card page
971123WgtbetabPic card page
971122Nordic 2.36, updated with the new C+ keyPic card page
971117Dll page updated with the files needed for 2.32 and higherDll page
971027Multimac 2.14Pic card page
971010New Windows programmerPic card page
971010SlowdownPic card page
970921Hacked again:-)Index page
970910PGP50 Easy to use!!Index page
970822E-mail on updatesIndex page
970815Wgtbetaa updatedPic card page
970805Quadra card3Pic card page
970712WavelineLink page
970712Antenn & SatelliteLink page
970712Multichoice ECM!The Digital page
970711Multimac 1.71Pic card page
970704The Digital Page!The Digital page
970703All the keys as multimacSat page
970703Felix joins the club!Cat page
970703Peter Odesten's homesiteLink page
970622Mac3+ updated with the new TV3 keyPic card page
970622Firmware for Macab 660Pic card page
970622WEBSATLink page
970619Hoppers (in Dutch)Link page
970605The Swiss Satellite SiteLink page
970603Voyager and Whopper updated with new keysSat page
970528Markus Satellite and Just D siteLink page
970528Mr Bond's D2Mac and Satellite siteLink page
970528d2mac.comLink page
970528New version of DecryptSat page
970528Agent replaced with 32 bit versionSat page
970524Smulan entered the stage!The cat page
970518Mac3+ and Nordic+ updated with the new keysPic card page
970511Wgtnordic updated with TV-S and new keysPic card page
970511New version of VoyagerSat page
970511Firmware for Pace 500/1000Pic card page
970511ProSats homepageLink page
970422Wgtbeta9Pic card page
970413New version of DecryptSat page
970413Firmware for Pace 950/960+Pic card page
970413Havsta SatelliteLink sidan
970413Matz Sat pageLink page
970412Remade the Pic card pagePic card page
970403Home of the PixLink page
970403Decrypts homepageLink page
970330the SanctuaryLink page

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