The art of building a pool (maybe)

My pool project started somewhere in my brain at spring 2003. All my rich friends had a bathtub in the garden so of cource I wanted one as well!

This is how it looked before I started

Went to the bank to check if I was reliable (if they thougt i was).

I checked around for different building technics and from different manufacturers. Finally decided to go for Miami-pools "middel-eight" that several I knew had.
Went down to the local reseller and told him I wanted that and that and that and....

He said "no problems and gave me a contract wich had a big figure on and then: "kronor"

This was when I started to wonder what I had started but soon a truck with a lot of stuff came to my place:-)

Hmm  the manual says you need to dig a hole in the ground, have to cut down so I can get an excavator in. Some trees have to go as well.

Nice hole! Let's put together the frame.

Hole for hoses and cables have to be done as well

Putting together filter and pump.

Then the frame has to be casted.

The ground has to be formed and covered with very fine sand. Check the tubelibell?, it has to be leveled!

The liner is in place. Puhh.

I couldn't refill with what I dug up so 18 tons of sand came on a truck.

Dig and pour, dig and pour until late at nights.

Then there has to be made a casting-mould

At last, the truck with the concrete (after a month of raining). And the hardend guys.

It looks so good!

Night-lights are wired and working. No electrical shocks from the water either:-)

Some holes have to be drilled and tha surrondings have to be flattened out.

Some bricks to walk on.

And a lightning pole.

And now all I'm waiting for is the grass. Doesn't it look good?
If I would do it again? Njaee