Hi! My name is Peter Jonasson and I live outside Landskrona in a small village called Billeberga in the south of Sweden. I am 64 years old and I am retired since 2019 with salary from the state without any demands for working.

A very old! foto of me and Billebergas location on the earth.

Before thi I've been working 3 years on Isover and 38 years on PLM/REXAM/Ball.
I live with ny wife and two dogs named Alice & Zigge.
My interests right now is my family (dogs included) and our house and everything around that!
But I spend a few minutes on this site whenever I get some time off that probably soon is more or less prehistoric, it dates back to 1996 with minor changes and upgrades.
I also tries to keep an Exchange and one Apache server running in the basement.
Around the millenium it was TV-piracy and assemblerprogramming that wasted my time.
Thet caused a trial in the market court in Stockholm but you kan read more about that on another page in the menu:-)

The art of building a pool?