My interest for freeTV started sometimes in the 90-s with a danish TV-channel that showed movies in the evenings.

It was called Filmkanalen (the movie channel) and it was of course encrypted. The encryption was simple. You could look at the signal with an ocsilloskop and see that the synk pulses in the tvsignalen had been moved, a subcarrier next to the sound gave the time when to move them back. I built a few decoders for some friends.

Some years later a friend of me came by and asked if it was possible to copy a filmnet-card (cmore today). Didn't have much hope for that but with a home made log card and a Commodore VIC 20 I got started!

Found out that comms with the card had a 9600 baud rate and I could see som words in the data streami But the rest of it was mumbo jambo. So for the time I gave up.

Internet grew and one day I discoverd a dutch man called Michael Stegen. Stegen had a site with a program (Multimac) for a card with a 16C84 that could decrypt Filmnet!

Put together a programmer and it Worked! Now I had a PC with a 486 processor that run at the incredible speed of 66 MHz At that point my homepage was created this is how it looked at that time (link to and there's where I put keys to different channels. And the counter ticked away!

Downloaded a disassembler from MPLAB to get som sence from Stegens hexfiles and then I started to work. Line after line to find out how it worked..

Now I had a code that I could develop and set my own twist on! My experience from the old VIC 20 came in handy here. There was a lot of assembler programming on that.

Some cardlogging and snippet from the code to Nordic 3.14.

As time went on I developed the code and it worked well with almoast every receiver. Finally there was a version for more memory (the goldcards) but it didn't get all the way.

Stegen stopted develop his Multimac but wrote on his site: "Please use the excellent Nordic" :-) That warmed!

The encryption keys. Well, there were two ways to get them. 1. Brute force attack worked. The encryption was week and the way it was used made it even weeker. 2. There was a backdoor in the cards so if you sent a not known instruction to the card it returned all the keys:-) How it got there I have no idea.

At the year 2000 the broadcasters was really pissed off and I got suid in the market court. Unfortunally I lost and with that the keys and progs disappered from my site.You can read about the outcome here. only in swedish. The trial was sent live in text over the net by Mattes D2 Mac. You can read it här. only in swedish.

Picture outside the market court in Stockholm, from left: another card guy, don't remember he's name:-(, Me, Matte from Mattes D2Mac,STOP-s laywer and mine.